Dec 27, 2022

Mr. & Mrs. Lewis' Elopement in Oklahoma

On October 13th 2022, I had the honor of road tripping with my cousins and close friends to Laicey Lewis. With tons of coffee in hand we made our way from Osawatomie, KS to an incredible cabin in Oklahoma. We were three of the few friends and family members invited to this gorgeous elopement in the woods. 

The day started out with getting ready shots of Laicey and Ben of course. But, Laicey sure did do it up right, with her fuzzy slippers and bubbly drink. As a party sized charcuterie board was being set up on the whole kitchen island, Laicey's sisters helped her get ready in a downstairs bedroom. Upstairs on the deck, Ben and family were finishing setting up their own personal fairytale wedding. Complete with an arch Ben crafted himself! 

Soon, the wedding started and there wasn't a dry eye in those woods. A quote that stuck with me was made by Laicey herself while talking about Ben. She mentioned how Ben's mother once said he does not need anyone to complete him. He is already patient, kind, loving, and confident. But that is how we know Laicey is the one for him. He does not NEED her, He WANTED her to be his bride. Their love brought all those people together that day. I am honored to have documented this wonderful milestone for this couple. I hope to be there for many more moments! 

I hope you enjoy these images as we have. The golden hour family photos were a perfect touch to their woodland hideaway. There were also lots of laughs and tacos before we made the drive back that night. Music and Mexican food kept us going but we loved every minute of it!

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